A staggering information book and adventure

Already the acknowledgement is promising. The whole book in its dissimilarity, its huge amount of information is stunning. When one reads it, after that the reader can't claim to be uncivilized about the philosophy and scientific knowledge of the world.

The work of Hannamari Mäkelä, which contains over 700 pages, is like a dive into the time of the new Sun which is already here, into the ancient quest for truth and different forms of spirituality. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the guides: "The indescribable lustre of Truth is a million times more intense than that of the sun.” And that sun is what the book is searching for.

What makes a young woman travel around the world and explore countless books, websites, sacred sites and religions. The humane and natural ardor for truth, knowledge and development of self. The book flames this ardor of searching in a magnificent way. Although there's a huge amount of information planted inside the travel stories, reading is easy and enjoyable.

There are some images in the book, for example from the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, and pictures made by Hannamari, the artist herself. They fit well as a part of the book. There's plenty of information both for an experienced seeker and a user of new spiritual knowledge. So thoroughly Mäkelä has searched for information, taken quotations with permission from the works of great thinkers and spiritual masters. If one wants to know through a single book almost the whole space of debate where the seekers are in the modern world, this book is just excellent for that. Alternative energy, treatments, views about the human destiny are brought out in a pleasant way. Not indicating that something is a right or a wrong notion, but introducing. The principle of reincarnation through the story of Shanti Devi, free energy through Tesla and the so-called telepathic phenomena between animals and humans through Rupert Sheldrake. The research results inspired by Dalai Lama of the various beneficial effects of meditation are presented and described in a clear and easily understandable way. The book is an uplifting reading experience, even though its great size and amount of pages may initially be confusing. Many tales and stories of the Bible get clarity when they are told and interpreted through the eyes of a seeker. Integrating their symbolism with the ancient insights of the world's cultures widens to understand deeper our Christian tradition.

If one is broadly interested in the world – the future, searching for solutions for environmental problems, spirituality – it's worthwhile to grab this giant work. It can be read for a whole year, enjoyment and intellectual appetite remain for long while exploring it.

Riitta Wahlström, psychologist, writer