Themes of the book include:


• The ongoing paradigm change

• Unification of science and spirituality

• The unity of all religions

• Holistic view of the world

• The pineal gland and extrasensory experiences

• Structure and meaning of the Mayan calendar system

• New science

• Meditation and the scientific research thereof

• The wisdom and prophecies of indigenous peoples

• Free energy

• Ancient cultures and philosophy

• Natural health care

• The truth about monetary system, western democracy, genetic modification,      chemicals

• Reincarnation and the scientific research thereof

• Near-death experiences

• Synchronicities


The book "Time of the Sixth Sun" has been self-published by its writer Hannamari Mäkelä in Finland in June 2013, in Finnish language. The reviews have been great. English translation will be finished by end of 2015. The writer is looking for publishers as well as translators in all countries.

Contact: hannamari.makela (at) sci.fi